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Jill Reger, Phoenix, AZ, United States
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I have become known as "the dog underwater photographer" to the photographic community. My "diving dog" image appeared 10 feet tall in the entrance of the largest photography convention in the United States (held in New York City). My dog-underwater series has had absolutely no computer manipulation. It was created before the popularization of Photoshop. Many people, including photographers, often wonder how I captured the images and how I was able to make the underwater photographs crisp, eliminating the natural milky feel of standard underwater images. Well, here is the story. I found a dog, buoy, which could swim underwater. I sat in the pool using a scuba tank and underwater camera and waited for the moment buoy would jump in, something that could not be controlled I used b & w infrared film. I printed the b & w images then used blue and sepia toners to colorize them (also, done in the darkroom the old fashioned way). I used rubber cement to protect the eyes and mouth from the toner, then removed it when the prints were dry, using fountain pen ink to color the eyes and the mouth. The contrast and clarity I created in the darkroom can never be duplicated in a computer. Toners remove the actual silver from the print and replaces it with pure color. While computer coloring simply places color on top of the gray and black, which gives the imagery a muddy feel. No photographer, to date, has figured out what process I used to make the prints. That coupled with, well, a dog swimming underwater, make the "Dog Underwater" series one of the most unique series of images in existence. Ergo, I will forever be known in my industry as "the dog-underwater photographer". My series graces the walls of many of my colleagues, which is the highest praise a photographer can receive. I put the same tenacious artistry in all of my work, but now I have moved on to Photoshop, a wonderfully fun photographic tool.

After attending Brooks Institute of photography, Jill Reger, returned to her home town (Phoenix) to pursue a career in commercial photography. For over 15 years she has enjoyed photographing a wide variety of subjects: Classic Cars, Children, Architecture, Animals, Nature, Fashion and Families. While attending Brooks Institute of Photography, she was a member of a small team which produced a holographic portrait of President Ronald Reagan. She was also one of only three photographers, in the world, to photograph the first sunrise of the millennium from Pitt Island, New Zealand (population 45), while 12 miles southeast the world's media recorded the sunrise moments later from Chatham Island. Shortly before photo-illustrating the children's book, "The Twelve Gifts of Birth," (published by Harper Collins) she discovered that she had a talent for photographing children. She learned where the talent came from when one day a three year old asked her mommy if she could say goodnight to the other kid. The mother, confused, looked around and asked, What other kid?" her daughter simply pointed at Jill. Evidently, little children feel more comfortable being photographed by big babies.
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