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Hasmik Avetisyan, Yeravan, Yerevan, Armenia
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The Armenian modern artist Hasmik Avetisyan was born in Yerevan in 1963. Still being a little girl Hasmik used to have the uneasy feeling that her world outlook somewhat differed from that of those of her generation. It couldn’t be otherwise. Hasmik was born in a creative family. Her father was an atchitect, her mother was a talented artist. This unique atmosphere of artists and the evenings spent in the company of great Armenian painters were to inspire the little girl who was indeed given this gift from nature. On her 4th grade Hasmik was already quite sure that she would become an artist in spite of the fact that her mother was against of it. By all means Hasmik was ready to accept this hard, very interesting and somewhat complicated way of painter. As Hasmik puts it, each person is the owner of his own destiny and one can not escape from it. God gives each person unique ways to express his world, his feelings, his mood, his individuality…”my paintings, it’s me…” For Hasmik painting is a way of living, it is the reflection of her soul, a rescue from external world. Every piece of her soul, all emotions are her works, so unique, so differing. In the world of painting she hides herself from external adversities. She is sincere in her tale, that’s what she strives for. In her paintings Hasmik tries to combine her feminine emotions and origin with restrained sense of intellect that does not lie heavy but rather goes above the concept of sex and becomes merely human. Her philosophy is the perfection of her individuality, the analysis of people surrounding her by means of herself and herself by means of them. Hasmik cleans the whole external world through her emotions and only then she expresses it on the canvas. Hasmik believes that while painting the artist does not have the right to be the slave of any kind of dependences. The artist has to be free.

Education 1970–1978 Secondary school after Krupskaja, Yerevan, Armenia 1970–1978 Art school after Kojoyan, Yerevan, Armenia 1978–1982 Fine arts college after Terlemezyan, Yerevan, Armenia 1984-1989 Institute of Fine arts and Theatre, arts and crafts department, Yerevan, Armenia 2002 Allied member of Armenian artist’s union, graphic department. Exhibitions 1987 Youth republican exhibition, Yerevan, Armenia 1989 Republican exhibition “Graphics-89”, Yerevan, Armenia 1993 Armenian women exhibition in the Gallery “New ART”, Moscow, Russia. 1995 Autumn republican exhibition, Yerevan, Armenia 1996 Exhibition in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Olympic games Atlanta, USA. 1996 Youth republican exhibition, Moscow, Russia 1998 Women republican exhibition 8 of March, Yerevan, Armenia 2001 Autumn youth republican exhibition, Yerevan, Armenia 2002 Sole exhibition, Kiev, Ukraine. 2002Exhibition “Armenian Graphics”, Moscow, Russia 2003 ARTEXPO 2003, New York, USA. 2004 Solo exhibition, Gallery “ART 13” Yerevan, Armenia 2004 Summer exhibition “AUTOPORTRAIT”, Yerevan, Armenia 2004 Art Caucasus 2004, Tbilisi, Georgia 2009 Exhibition in the Artists’ Union exhibition hall, Yerevan, Armenia
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