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Ali Kayn, MELBOURNE GPO, VIC, Australia
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Do I have a serious agenda when I paint? No. I enjoy the process. My eye is constantly being caught by potential images, possible photographs, or suggestions of fantastic images. Whenever I have the opportunity I try to capture them. Nowadays I usually make a pencil or pastel sketch in a notebook or on an odd bit of A4 paper (that printer tray is so handy), then I sketch the image on the canvas using a fine brush and off-white paint. I work in Acrylic because I don't have the patience to wait to paint over sections. I have a couple of 1cm brushes, but I basically work with a brush not much bigger than an eye-liner brush. Influences? Everything I see. Some of the things I read. Mannerism. Fauvism. Rodin wasn't a nice bloke but he was some artist, the same goes for Cezanne. When I was starting out I studied the works of Boris Vallejo, I love the way he uses colour. What next? Well, I'm putting these images up for sale so that I can buy some more canvases and paint. I have a pile of nudes sketched out that will become either HumanScapes or Mythological figures, plus I've been working on some nude studies done across multiple canvases.

Ali Kayn is a freelance writer, photographer and artist. She lives in Melbourne, Australia. Personal website:

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Fairfield, Victoria
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