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Monique Anderson, Croydon, PA, United States
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Motivation...motivation. Boredom, the desire to bring something beautiful to the world, the compulsion of creativity...did I mention boredom? The absolute necessity to find something to do besides sit next to my mom and watch reality TV (the bane of the world). How I feel better about myself and the entire universe, to make myself infinite by becoming completely insignificant. The best way to become a bystander and stand out enough to show the world what you think.

I wish I could tell you a story of a struggling oil painter, making my way through the cruel world, constantly pushed back by staggering obstacles. My story, however, is a little less dramatic. I have always wanted to express myself artistically. After many years of writing--and finding that the publishing world is about as friendly as a brick wall--I decided to try my hand at photography. One day, after being depressed for many weeks, I sat in my car as it rained and looked at the landscape before me. I noticed that the rain made the edges of each object--the trees, grass, and sky--blend in a beautiful kaleidoscope of color in a manner strangely similar to a painting. I started to take pictures of what I saw. To be honest, the pictures were pretty boring. What I did discover was that there was a way to make the smallest detail of the landscape into an entirely different picture; tree branches became a spider, a peacock feather became a paranoid eyeball, and a robin's egg became a blue nova. After some tweaking on the computer and discovering the beauty of a greased lens, I showed it around and got a consistently positive response. So I decided to give it a whirl on and I am trying to publish my photographs in a book format. So much for writing!
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