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Lilly Fluger, San Diego, CA, United States
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To me life is magic. Nature is the greatest show on earth. I love to focus. Dr. Seuss is my doctor. I want to grow up to become the qualities of surprise and delight.

I wonder and I wander,
The art of living I ponder,
I search for a style...
that gives me a smile,
Be it here, or over yonder.
- Lilly Fluger

I just might know why the chicken crossed the road...
He wanted to be poultry in motion.

I've had 100's of different jobs and a few careers. The most serious was clinical pharmacist and the most fun was beach monitor.

My husband and I never wanted to have kids, but rather to BE kids. We met, left our careers, sold it all, and decided to follow our dreams of exploring the open road. Money soon ran out, so we would take up residence, find work, and restock our wallets every few years in different cities; Taos, New Mexico, Atlantic City, New Jersey, Pine Island, Fla, Carmel, Ca. and Portland, Or. We did this for a couple of decades, and then took a freighter with our camper to Europe for 3 years travel. Melvin, (our traveling navigator-cat) had passed, and Europe had always been our dream. In Europe, we explored from a home base of Provence, France, and inhaled the art influence. Oh! The beauty of those countries, the food ... be still my taste buds. The European lifestyle is more about passionate enjoyment, something I am still learning, as I was raised to be 'practical'.

The great variety I was exposed to and many adventures of my travels certainly had incredible influence on my creative inspiration, and hence my art. I fell in love with the land, the earth, the changing scenery, grand skies, sparkling crystal starry nights, incredible habitats, phenomenal beauty and changing scenery. Redwoods and poppy fields, canyons and waterfalls, blooming almond orchards, red vineyards in autumn, fantastic stalagmite caves, ancient twisted bristlecone pines, magical alpine meadows of wildflowers, the list is endless.

I am self taught in my art through reading and experimentation. I currently find myself dabbling primarily in nature watercolor and pen and ink cartoon illustration. I have found two energies of focus that connect me right up with my source inspiration. One is playful, the childlike, the humor, the cartoon. The other is focused into the beauty. I love my connection beyond words. I call it my hocus focus.
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