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Michael F. Mitchell, Durango, CO, United States
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There are millions of coins all over the world. People see them every day but don’t look at them, except for coin collectors. It my job to change that, with my photograph people can look at them but not collect them. Plus, I think they look pretty cool.

Michael Francis Mitchell Originally from Granite City, IL, Michael moved to Durango, CO in 1983 after graduating from high school. This is when his adventure in coin collecting began. Numismatics, otherwise known as coin collecting, has been his passion for over 25 years. His first coin was a Barber Quarter that he received from his grandfather. Since then he has been a fan of the quarter as well as Charles Barber. He has been a member of the American Numismatic Association since the mid 1980’s. He considers himself a numismatist and entrepreneur, which now includes photography. Coin photography became a necessity when he started his own rare coin business online, since coin collectors want to see exactly what they are buying. He now has thousands of photographs of coins from all over the world.
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