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Nadine Rippelmeyer, Fayetteville, AR, United States
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I believe that art is a natural gifting that is bestowed on us by our creator who is by nature an artist. Since I believe that we are made in His image, it only makes sense that we, too, were born to create. I find that I can worship God by celebrating the beauty, the vitality, and the power in people, landscapes, and color.

My inspiration comes primarily from my faith. I also find that I use my background in dance, nursing,music, and theater to more fully explore each subject that I paint. Having traveled and lived in South America, Asia, and Europe, I delight in varied landscapes, cultures, and people. My life experience is varied: I've worked in Cambodian refugee camps with the United Nations, worked for Johns Hopkins on the White Mountain Indian Reservation, been an NICU and an OB nurse, practiced dance therapy in a State Hospital, and taught many things: piano, ballet,art, public health,lifeguarding,and English ! I believe that we are all gifted in many areas...and that many disciplines "cross over". Although I teach many mediums, I most enjoy working with acrylics, watercolor, and pencil. Even though mostly self-taught, I voraciously read art magazines, books, and journals -gathering new ideas at every turn!

Ico Gallery
New York, NY
United States

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery
New York, NY
United States

Artist's Haven Gallery
Fort Lauderdale, FL
United States
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