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Lee Goodall
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I feel that art is a very personal connection... I strive to paint those emotions that are in fact understood internally.....

Lee Goodall Lives and works as a full time artist, in Danbury Ct.. In his many decades as a professional artist,he has found expression in a variety of mediums....Lee refers to his work as, "conveying the humanistic message which crosses all cultral bounderies and subject matter"....His paintings convey personal emotions and feelings we all have.... His work attempts to provoke thought as well as emotion.. From as early as 10 years old,Lee discovered light and shadows and his early primitive art work displayed that special insight that has grown and expanded throughout his many years of painting...... Some of his insites:.... when asked why he has devoted his life to painting,his immediate reply is" because I have to" !. "There's a dimention that art touches that eludes most in real life, we see with only our eyes and paintings add emotions and human realitivity....The longer you look at a painting the more you will see.... and finally you see your self..... Finally, Lee says that after decades of painting that he is just starting to learn about life...He is very thankful for those that share his paintings.....
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