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Ina Mar, MUNICH, BAVARIA, Germany
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I believe that art is meant to discover the beauty and specificity of everyday objects and people as well as to make it visible to everyone. Art is also meant to bring people into thinking and discussing. "What could this artwork mean? What is it trying to say? What was the technique and materials used? What was the artist thinking when he created this? What is the relation between this work and the personality or background of the artist?". For me it is not important, whether people think positive or negative about my work, whether they like it or not, whether they find it attractive or disgusting. It is much more important for me that they are brought to thinking and to talking about my work! This is the objective of creating.

In 2001 I created my first experimental series called "Lightcurves", where I transformed the body into landscape through lighting effects and accessory objects. Since 2001, I have been creating images transforming the representational into abstract and exploring the notion of metamorphosis, through lighting effects, shooting techniques (such as "traveling" of the camera) or photomanipulation. My favourite subjects are: the human body, handicap, portraits of people revealing the various facets of their personality, sculptures transformed into paintings, landscape elements transformed into abstract compositions, but also historical themes namely genocides.

Goethe Institut
Thessaloniki, Macedonia

Photography Center of Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki, Macedonia
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