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Betty Refour, Oklahoma City, OK, United States
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People often ask why my Art is untitled more often than not. I feel that my Art is a portal to the viewers' imagination. Each onlooker is invited to step into the piece and find a place of comfort and well being. There are no titles so the viewer is encouraged to derive their own meaning, as opposed to trying to imagine what I was thinking. The piece may bring to mind thoughts of your favorite landscape, that fabulous tropical vacation you took last spring or, your very best friend. I work primarily in acrylics, but I enjoy working in pastels as well. My work is Abstract leaving no boundaries and limitless imagination. Wherever You go, enjoy and let the journey begin!

While recovering from a back injury, I began painting as a form of therapy. Although I have a degree in Fashion Design I had never painted. This was a very uncertain time in my life, I was not sure when or if I would be able to return to work. Painting gave me a sense of much needed peace at a time that I really needed it. I usually work in acrylics but I will sometimes venture out and use watercolors. After painting for ten years I took my first painting and watercolor classes in 2005.
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