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Tranquility in the Harbour of Portofino
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Photo of the Artist
Artist: artshop77
Original Medium: Painting
M. Bleichner, Dachau, Bavaria, Germany
About this work:
Portofino is perhaps one of the most admired towns in italy. It represents the typical italian dream scenery, we all know from many movies. We have a small old town, crooked streets, nestling on a steep hill. The perfect version of it even has access to the sea, a small harbour. Portofino has all if it, and it even has no eyesores from the last few decades, it looks untouched, a wonderful ensemble. Portofino was founded by the romans in the 9th century BC, and the name means "Dolphin Harbour". So there we could tell a lot of history, but now back to our newest painting. We catched the calm atmosphere, mornings hectic has already gone, so it is time to relax. In the foreground you can see the capitano of a small vessel. We donĀ“t know, if he is waiting, probably not, or if he is just having a rest. In the background you can see the seafront of portofino, with all the small shops, cafes and ristorantes. But now, sit back and enjoy the painting.
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