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Photo of the Artist
Artist: 1UV1
Original Medium: Mixed Media
One UV One, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
About this work:
Thank you for experiencing my art! Please note that although 1UV1 original works are canvas prints, they are true one of a kind original pieces of art, created, assembled, and crafted by me, in my studio, and using my own tools and equipment. All original works are stretched or mounted on custom hand made stretchers or mounting materials incorporating custom edge treatments, unique hanging methods and hardware, as well as various surface treatments to the final image surface. A 1UV1 original is my true vision for the final piece, encompassing not only the image, but the quality and voice of the \"art\" as a whole. All 1UV1 original works have my left hand index finger print followed by title of the work, the copy and edition of the work \"1 of 1\" and then the date of completion on the back bottom right corner of the work. In pieces where multiple panels are concerned the panel designate as \"A\" will have an index finger print and title of the work on the back bottom right corner, and the final panel in the piece will have the copy and edition info - \"1 of 1\" and the date of completion in the same location. Thank you for looking at my work, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
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