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Photo of the Artist
Artist: leonid afremov
Original Medium: Painting
leonid afremov, Boca Raton, fl, United States
About this work:
LEONID AFREMOV PROFESSIONAL INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN ARTIST Presents his oil on canvas painting: "FAREWELL TO ANGER" size of painting: 30" x 20" x 3/4” (75cm x 50cm x 2cm) Condition: Excellent Gallery Estimated Value paintings: $3,500 (Signed by the artist, Certificate of Authenticity with the value provided) YOU ARE BUYING DIRECTLY FROM THE ARTIST. NO MIDDLE MAN OR GALLERY INVOLVED This painting  has been already sold and located in a private collection. By purchasing this listing you  commission  a very similar painting from me  based on this piece made by me previously  - A professional internationally  accredited artist.  This painting is going to be made by brush. The nature of the brush is much simpler than of a palette-knife. It takes less time to create a painting with a brush than a palette knife. Most of my art is made by Palette-Knife.  My palette knife paintings are very expensive and not affordable to many people. A brush version is something more affordable and looks just as good. The painting will have  the same size, colors, same characteristics, composition and the same gallery value. Similar painting  does not mean an identical  copy. There are no two paintings a like made by me and will never be. Each brush stroke is final and can never be repeated  the same way. Each stroke of the brush has its own unique texture and shape just like a fingerprint.   Nobody in this world will be able to  make you such painting besides me anyway. My style is very unique and cannot be repeated by other artists.  It can be very easily recognized. MORE INFO ABOUT THE ARTIST AT SHIPPING AND HANDLING Since you place the order and make the payment, it will take me  2 - 3 days to create the painting. Oil paint takes about 5 - 7 days to dry. The painting will be shipped out 7 - 10 days from the day you place the order,  FREE SHIPPING BY UPS
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