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Relic Training Mosquito
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Photo of the Artist
Artist: Rudy Pavlina's Gallery
Original Medium: Painting
Rudy Pavlina
About this work:
You can find my available originals, learn about my artistic process, read my blog, and more, at my website: Thank you for looking. Please tell your friends about me! About this piece: It is a widely held belief that mosquitoes cannot be trained. I submit this painting as scientific evidence to the contrary. Mosquito trainers tell me that it simply takes lots of patience. This autoanimated relic, for example, has worked with this particular pet for over 15 years. It took more than 10 years just to coax his mosquito to stand up on its hind legs. The mosquito needs daily care; this includes three meals, a bath, structured playtime, as well as emotional support. This trainer actually trains his mosquito for about four hours per day. Trainers report that even though any mosquito can be trained, it is easier to train them when they are larger, and when they live longer. The larger size makes it possible to train them without a magnifying glass, and the longer lifespan allows time for the trainer to develop a relationship with his pet before it dies. This unusual mosquito is 30 years old (about 250 times average) and weighs 165 pounds (about 20 million times average). Please consult other sources before embarking on a career in this potentially frustrating line of work.
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