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Leopard, Nairobi National Park, Kenya
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Photo of the Artist
Artist: Africa
Original Medium: Photography
Fernando Quevedo, Maricá, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
About this work:
I´m just geting ready to leave the park at about 17:30hs, when crossing the big forest two kilometers before the main gate, I have a glimpse of something close to the road that I at first took as a leopard. Reversing the car what was my surprise when I saw a real leopard on a kill behind a fallen tree! The animal soon show some clear sign of uneasiness with my sudden appearence disturbing his feeding. I start to take pictures from my window and this was too much for the leopard. Maybe he though I[m planning to take his kill, because he jump over the fallen tree and came straight to me with his fangs shinning in the low light. I start to close my window instintivelly, but very fast realize the picture I´m missing. I reopen the window quickly and put the lens out of it, and the leopard take this as a counter atack from my part and stops sideways to me, but still mouth wide open and showing the fangs with a savage expression on his face.
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