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Blue Berries
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Photo of the Artist
Artist: Gemini Adams
Original Medium: Photography
Gemini Adams, Los Angeles, CA, United States
About this work:
This series of Pop Foodart photographs began when I was working on a cookbook entitled 100 Recipes for Happy Kids. As a co-author on the project, I had to design all of the recipes. In the process I re-started my second love of photography and began taking pictures of all the meals I created, helped by the fact that I have an artistic eye. My partner Miles has to suffer the traumatic experience of waiting for his supper while I photographed the meals -- the best things are always worth waiting for! Anyway, after editing these for inclusion in another book, I decided to do a little extra work in Photoshop and create something really dynamic. Food is a vital part of our existence and something that should be revered. I felt that in this series I could really capture the colour and essence of the ingredients that bring us so much joy and provide sustenance for our survival. But beware! Although these photographs may look it, they are not edible!
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