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Artist Rising Membership Levels

The chart below compares the three different artist membership levels. Membership levels come in the form of artist studios. An explanation of benefits follows after the chart.

Artist Rising
Membership Plans
Open Membership
Premium Membership
Image Uploads 50 2000
Photographic prints
Photographic prints 30% 30%
Giclee 30% 30%
E-mail Marketing
Sales & Traffic Reports
  Open Membership
Premium Membership



Membership Benefits Explained


Marketplace is a global marketplace for Artist Rising members to exhibit and sell their work in a professional environment teeming with buyers, collectors and enthusiasts - all searching for contemporary art from emerging artists.



This feature allows you to organize your artwork into separate thematic collections for exhibit within the broader context of your individual gallery. Examples might include: abstracts, landscapes, blue period, 2005 artwork, etc.

Open Studio and Select Studio members can create up to 5 separate collections and Premium Membership members up to 10 collections.


Member Proceeds on Sale of Original Art

From member galleries, all prospective buyers of original art are directed to the individual artist to discuss the sale. This is done through a blind email link, so your email address is never posted publicly. Thereafter, all sales, shipments and deliveries are fully transacted between you and the buyer; you receive 100% of the proceeds on the sale of any original work.

We are conducting a limited test of the sale of Original Art on the marketplace. Once this program is introduced more broadly, artists will have another option for selling their original artwork



Our Print-on-Demand program makes it easy for you to generate revenue from your artwork by offering your art for sale as affordable posters and fine art prints - without an excessive and expensive investment in time, money or inventory.

Once you set up your artwork for Print-on-Demand, your art is primed and ready for printing and sale the moment it’s ordered by customers. It can generate sales far into the future with no further action by you.

All images submitted for Print-on-Demand are subject to review and approval to confirm their compliance with our Content Policy.

See the Help topic Print-on-Demand for more information.


Artist Royalties

Members earn royalties on Print sales. All members receive a 30% royalty on the sale of each print.

Royalties for all prints are calculated based on the final sale price of the prints, net of discounts, promotions, taxes, returns and shipping and handling. Royalty payments are issued monthly, with a minimum payout of $50 (USD).


Email Marketing

Free to all members, this easy-to-use marketing tool lets you build an online address book of up to 100 friends, colleagues and prospects, and send email invitations with a direct link to your gallery.



Generate and review free real-time reports reflecting your print sales and associated royalties, as well as the traffic to your gallery.